Is love in prison any different…?

Is finding love in prison any different to finding love in the free world?

Love is one of the best things we can experience in this lifetime, and everyone deserves to be in love. I admit to being a romantic at heart, but even I struggle with the idea of someone wanting to have a relationship with a prisoner. Not saying that it’s not possible, because there’s some amazing people who find a way to make it work, and I’m not talking about the groupies who jump from prisoner to prisoner. Yes, that happens, so you have to be careful who you fall for.

To get a better understanding as to why it’s possible: you’re actually getting to know each other, minus the physical. You also have to make the best of each letter – the letters are the memorable moments you would usually be creating through normal conversations in “normal” relationships.

I’ve never experienced it myself, but through conversations with fellow prisoners, and the women who fall for them, they said it’s like falling in love on a different level.

It usually starts as a friendship, and grows from that.

It’s not always about weird, mentally unstable women reaching out to guys in prison, like they want you to believe. The connection can be very different, but ends up being more meaningful than any connection you’ve had in the past, because you’re really having to get over the perceptions, and really get to know each other.

In the end, prisoners are still humans, and humans feel most alive when they’re in love.