How is it fair?

Four years ago my sentence was overturned and I was granted the relief based on an unconstitutional law that was in place over 40 years.

It took them 40 years to correct that wrong. Think about that for a second: 40 years.

You would think that life would be a little less stressful after relief was granted in my case, but it has been the total opposite. If anything, it has gotten more stressful. It has also proven how unfair things really are. The state has been trying everything to stop this re-sentencing from happening.

First it started with a State Attorney being removed from my case after she spoke out. Apparently, she had a change of heart, and no longer believed in the Death Penalty. That led to the Governor intervening, removing her from over 20 death penalty eligible cases, and hand-picking her replacement (google Aramis Ayala). Of course the replacement was one of the top States attorneys when it comes to seeking the Death Penalty.

Then it really got back when the Florida Supreme Court had to replace 3 judges, which led to it being a pro-conservative panel of judges. This was like the green light for State Attorneys throughout the state to try anything and everything. Push the envelope to see what they can get away with. It’s very troubling because the now pro-conservative courts have already reversed some Death Penalty laws that that have been in place over 40 years, in favor of the State. In light of these decisions, the State is back at it again, trying to argue that the decision in my case shouldn’t be upheld, and my death sentence should be reinstated, with no re-sentencing hearing. They’ve been at it for 4 years now.

If it as the other way round, there’s no way I would’ve been able to challenge a court’s decision for 4 years. How is that fair?

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