Welcome to Life Row

David Frances, is an inmate on Death Row in Florida and this is David’s story. David wanted to create a blog; not to validate or make excuses for his crime and as David said, not to glamorise it or diminish any of his responsibility. Instead, this Blog is, as David put’s it, designed:

“…simply to share some of my life experiences, including my experience with the judicial system [in America], and my experience on death row.

“It is also, hopefully, to give an insight into the injustices in the death penalty scheme.

“Hopefully this will start conversations, and it can shed some light on the facts about the death penalty”.

It’s easy for many of us to say that we are pro the death penalty, especially when the victim of a crime is a loved one. But do we truly understand how the system works, how the death penalty is applied and the legal injustices that so often occur around the death penalty?

David and the Welcome to Life Row team (‘Life Row’), who are made up of his friends and loved ones – trying to help and support David in gaining fair legal representation – hope this blog will provide some insight into the American judicial system, specifically state executions and we welcome your comments, thoughts and interactions on this blog.

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