Post 11: Thoughts about freedom

By David

Is freedom a state of mind? It’s not an easy question to answer from this side of the fence, so I’m going to need your help with this!

Some days I think that it is, depending on my mood and my headspace.

The reason that I’m saying this, is that I often hear people saying “you’ll have more freedom if you get resentenced to life.” It is true that I’ll no longer be in solitary confinement, and I won’t have a death sentence over my head, but I’ll still be a far way from freedom, or my understanding of what freedom is.

Of course, I’m still limited in many ways but I still have control of my thoughts, so in that sense I do have freedom, but when you’re looking at the years fly by through a fence, freedom isn’t the first word that comes to mind.

One love,


One thought on “Post 11: Thoughts about freedom

  1. The subject of ‘Freedom’ is one that got my cogs ticking. The question I asked myself was “although I have the freedom of independence, am I free of my own mind”? Freedom is divided into multiple sectors, the most common being Physical and Mental.
    Although I am physically free, like a bird that’s been let out of a cage and have the right to express my ideas and opinions, am I mentally free? I’ve always had struggles with my mental health and shackled by my own mind. To me ‘mental freedom’ means detach yourself from all emotions, definitions, and standards you learned growing up. To break free from struggles, accept mistakes, and to live the quality life you envision.
    Inner peace, peace of mind, fulfilment, calmness, quiet mind.
    I strongly believe that Mental Freedom is significantly more important than Physical Freedom. You can survive in confinement with a free mind, but can you survive life without?!
    (Comment approved by David)
    Thank You All


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